Student Volunteering

Interested in Volunteering?

Would you like to make a difference?

Are you looking for a worthwhile project?

Make your next trip to India meaningful!

Volunteer in the land of your parents!

Explore your roots, learn a new language, and make new friends.

Widen your horizon, gain new perspectives through TNF’s student volunteering program.

A unique opportunity for high school and college students.

Use your talents, energy and knowledge to help improve the lives of under privileged children of Tamilnadu.

We will connect you with TNF Chennai and the administrators there to provide a positive experience for both you and Tamil Nadu Foundation.

You can choose from the following organizations who are willing to provide volunteer opportunities for the students.

1. TNF Chennai Center — Computer Classes

2. Velicham – Support for Higher Education

Velicham is a dedicated movement for social transformation and struggling for education for first generation students, and giving them the opportunity for higher studies, by selecting students based on merit (good marks), Academic Performance and a Family Background & personal evaluation, Etc. Velicham can give financial support and guidance so that students can realize their future dreams. Velicham works to give students education outside of the classroom so they have an understanding of self and become a productive and responsible member of society. They run tuition centers, family counseling centers and train students on social education and life science.

To read more visit:

3. Keerthana Charitable Trust – Free tuition center, Support for Physically handicapped children and Aid for Higher Education .

Started by Mr. Rashikesavan who is visually impaired, the trust has opened free tuition centers in rural areas and has trained volunteers who work with the children. It also runs computer classes , spoken English and Hindi classes in the summer. The trust plans to start residential training institute for disabled persons.

Visit their website at:

4. Kalanjiyam—Prevention of School Dropout project, a joint effort with TNF USA

In partnership with Tamil Nadu Foundation, Kalanjiyam Trust has been implementing a pilot project for strengthening rural schools and reducing school drop outs in rural areas. While many efforts have been successfully implemented in Tamil Nadu leading to good enrolment rates in primary, drop out rates in rural areas continue to persist, and many a Panchayat Union Schools are challenged due to lack of resources leading to low enrolment and even closures. To address these issues the TNF project has been working with Panchayat Union Schools for strengthening the school environment so that the quality of education imparted to students can be improved.

For more information on this project visit: