TNF’s Flood Relief Strategy

TNF has a sound and clear disaster relief strategy for the flood relief activities.

1. Rescue (Short Term) – Food for flood victims in Chennai, Thiruvarur and Cuddalore districts. Food, cooking supplies, kerosene, batteries, mosquito repellents and other essential supplies will be provided in targeted areas where no one is helping and there is a true need. These areas are being identified by TNF’s Project Coordinators, Chennai office staff, field partners and volunteer network.

2. Relief (Medicine, proactive sanitation kits, health camps etc.) – Epidemic disease outbreak is the biggest fear once water starts receding. We are coordinating with contacts in Bombay, Bangalore and the U.S. to proactively address this important need. Specialists in infectious disease in the U.S., U.K. and India are guiding our efforts.

3. Rehabilitation – Recovery will be a LONG TERM project. Impact ranges from lost personal property to thousands of acres of crops lost which means poor people buying rice at higher price. Education materials for students, re-roofing of public toilets, helping the poor to repair their homes, and reconstruction of government schools are some of the many projects that our group will focus on. Once people start get back on track with their normal life, there will be dramatic decline in the number of funding agencies and volunteers and that is when there will be a greater needs for organizations like TNF which will stay through the rehabilitation phase

A good portion of our precious resources will be allotted for relief and rehabilitation.


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