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We welcome new Life Members interested in giving back to Tamil Nadu and in enabling their children and grandchildren to link with their heritage through service. To become a Life Member, online application and payment should be completed and a current Life Member in good standing  must sponsor the new applicant(s).

Email Registration status is shown below for each member. Members with Email Registration can sign in to the Membership Portal to update their information. Members with no email registration, please contact digitaldirector@tnfusa.org and vpmembership@tnfusa.org to register.

When you sign in for the first time, you can enter your email address and click on forgot password link. If the email match with the database, you will get an email to your registered email address with instructions to set up a password. If you have trouble accessing the system, please contact digitaldirector@tnfusa.org.

Member Name Spouse NamePrimary ChapterMember Native DistrictSpouse Native DistrictEmail Registration
Srinivas PrabakarKamalahasine Chandrasekarandallasvillupuram
Leo LucasAnitha Shalini Joseph KSouth Floridachennai
Thiyagarajan Vivekmichiganpudukottai
Karthick KamarajJenifer Ramarchicagodindigul
Karthikkumar RamasamyAmaravathy Chinnakannuchicagoerode
Senthilkumar ShanmugamSanthi Senthilkumarchicagoerode
Krishna BalakrishnanUma Kailasamchicagochennai
Rathnakumar RamachandranKamaladevi Rathnakumarchicagopudukottai
MALLIKA RAMASWAMYSACHI Ramasamykansastrichirappalli
Lakshmanan Muthuwisconsinpudukottai

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