Dec 24, 2018
Reduce Your Tax Burden – Double Your Generosity
Happy Holiday Season to all of you from TNF!

As the new tax law requires $18,000 for individuals and $24,000 for married couples to benefit from itemization, several of us are focusing now on maximizing deductions, by moving some of the 2019 charitable contributions to 2018.

As a supporter of philanthropic activities and TNF, we invite you to consider the following three options and donate by December 31, 2018 to reduce your 2018 tax burden.

1. Double Your Generosity
TNF will donate upto $1,000/individual donation until its matching grants fund is depleted. Your one-time donation will keep on giving for generations to come as we will use only the interest to sustain educational and humanitarian projects in your native/favorite district.
2. Become a Sponsor/Donor for The TNF 45th National Convention in Atlanta 
Instead of waiting for a few months, do it now to maximize on your 2018 tax savings. After deducting your registration/food/hotel expenses, you will be issued a 2018 tax deductible donation receipt and that amount will be credited to the district of your choice and matched by TNF.
For more details click here.
3. Cyclone Gaja
20,000+ victims of Cyclone Gaja will benefit from our relief and rehabilitation projects. Donate generously to help us move the neediest victims from huts to concrete homes and to empower students and women in the Gaja affected area. Learn more about our Cyclone Gaja efforts.
We thank you for your generosity and support to TNF and wish you a Happy New Year!
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