Nov 17, 2018
Cyclone Gaja leaves trails of destruction in RURAL Tamil Nadu
Cyclone Gaja
Cyclone Gaja made landfall in Nagapattinam District on Friday. According to our Tamil Nadu team, the damages caused to residential properties, fishermen, livestock and agricultural lands are extensive, particularly in Nagapattinam and Thiruvarur districts.

TNF has 13 adopted government schools and has several long-term sister organizations in the cyclone-affected area. 
We encourage you to generously donate towards "Cyclone Gaja Relief Fund " by choosing that project in the following link:  

100% of the donation received by TNF for this cause will be used to assist the Cyclone Gaja victims.

TNF has a track record in making meaningful impacts on the rehabilitation of natural disaster victims, The Gujarat earthquake, floods in Pennsylvania, Hurricane Harvey in TexasKerala Floods in 2018 are a few of those examples and the most notable is the $1 Million worth of projects completed to uplift flood victims in Tamil Nadu in 2016, For complete details on that initiative CLICK HERE

Thank you for your generosity in supporting the flood victims in the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu.
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