Gurukulam, Amaravathipudur

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S.C.G.R. Higher Secondary School provides education access to ~700 children from low income families in Amaravathipudur, India (7 km from Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu). Affectionately referred to as “Gurukulam”, the school was founded as a charitable institution in 1931 based on Gandhian values which it still follows to this day. It is an institution knows for its discipline and has produced several prominent alumni including Kaviarasu Kannadasan, eminent tamil philosopher and poet.

Gurukulam, Amaravathipudur School Enterance

Gurukulam, Amaravathipudur School

 The institution is one of only a few that couple quality education with affordable hostel facilities for the rural poor it services. Over the past decade, the school’s management has started rejuvenating this historical institution and positioning it to meets the needs of a modern education, including upgrades to its 70 year old physical infrastructure.

Since the school became a TNF project 4 years ago, the pace of development has hastened, meeting several significant milestones including:

  • Initiated English medium with grade 6 in 2011 (previously only Tamil medium)
  • Improved drinking water facilities with new R.O. plant
  • Added nine classrooms to support the English medium and high school expansion
  • Brand new physics, chemistry, computer labs
  • “Smart Interactive Classroom”
  • *Received government approval to initiate high school in June 2013*
  • *New High School Building project is currently underway*



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Gurukulam, Amaravathipudur

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