Virudhunagar District
Virudhunagar District
Virudhunagar District
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Virudhunagar Project Target

Mann Vaasanai District Corpus Fund Target for Virudhunagar
$ 250,000.00
With your help we can reach the Phase II Goal of 1 Crore soon
INR 1 Crore (₹10,000,000) ($125,000)
Amount collected to date: As of January 2023
INR 5,480,584 ($68,507.30)

We have a long way to go! 

With your help we can reach the Phase I Goal soon.

TNF Projects in Virudhunagar District

Project Name (Funded By) Beneficiary Village/ City Period Amount In INR Rs. Beneficiaries
Construction / Staff Salaries (Mr. Narayanan & Meenakshi Ponnusamy)
KCSK Ravindran Special School
2013 - 2019
10 Teachers

Virudhunagar District

In the past Virudhunagar was known as Karmaveerar Kamaraj District. The district was bifurcated from Ramanathapuram district  in 1985. The district is known for the match manufacturing,  fireworks and printing industries. Virudhunagar is the main market for oil, chicory, coffee, dry chili and lentils. The district also has ginning mills, spinning mills, power loom and handloom industries and cement manufacturing. 

Ayyanar Falls in Rajapalayam, Srivilliputhur Andal Kovil and Chathuragiri Hills are the popular tourist areas in the district. 

The match making and fireworks industries have employed child labor for many decades. Poverty and lack of farming industry have been cited as the  main  reasons for child labor. Although the child labor laws have reduced the numbers significantly it is widely known that childen are still working in the industry. There are no current statistics available on this.

What can you do to help prevent child labor in Virudhunagar district?

Preventing school dropouts, helping slow learners and motivating them to complete high school education and giving them hope for a bright future will help.  

Please donate generously to Virudunagar  District. 


With your help TNF can implement these projects  in the Government schools in the district: 

  1. ABC Classes in government schools to help slow learners and prevent school dropouts. 
  2. Audio Visual Equipment 
  3. Library Books