Why Should I Become a Member?


At TNF (Tamil Nadu Foundation), we are more than just a charitable organization. We are a community of dedicated individuals who share a common goal – the betterment of Tamil Nadu and its people. When you become a member of TNF, you join hands with a fully volunteer-run organization committed to making a real difference. Here’s why your membership matters:

1. Proven Dedication: With over 50 years of proven, consistent support to Tamil Nadu, TNF has a long history of making a meaningful impact on the lives of its people.
2. Low Overhead: TNF is proud to be one of the lowest overhead charitable organizations in the entire USA. Your contributions go directly to the causes that matter most.
3. Impactful Contributions: TNF’s contributions span a wide range of initiatives, including education assistance which has benefited over 200,000 disadvantaged children across 29 districts, major COVID-19 relief and rehabilitation efforts, and disaster relief during events like the Chennai Floods and Gaja Cyclone.

How Does My Membership Help TNF?

When you become a member of TNF, you play a crucial role in strengthening our organization and its ability to make a positive impact on Tamil Nadu:

1. Grassroots Strengthening: Your membership strengthens the grassroots of our organization by providing broader representation, ensuring that the voices and needs of the Tamil Nadu community are heard.
2. Immediate Disaster Relief: Your contributions add to the Membership Corpus Fund, which enables us to respond quickly to natural disasters, pandemics, and other emergency needs in Tamil Nadu.
3. Enhanced Visibility: By joining TNF, you enhance our visibility, making it easier for us to tap into corporate and governmental donations and benefits, ultimately increasing our capacity to help those in need.

What is My Benefit?

1. Community Connection: Join hands with thousands of fellow Tamilians in giving back to your motherland and being part of a community that cares deeply about Tamil Nadu’s future.
2. Certificate of Recognition: Receive a certificate of recognition from TNF and proudly display it at your home, showcasing your commitment to “Making a Difference.”
3. Educational Impact: Your membership includes the donation of a Competitive exam preparation book set in your honor, benefiting government school students and supporting their educational journey.

4. Project Sponsorship: Earn the privilege to sponsor or initiate a project in your home district, contributing to the development of the areas close to your heart.
5. Stay Connected: Stay closer to your homeland by being actively involved in TNF projects and initiatives, keeping you connected to the culture and progress of Tamil Nadu.
6. Engage Your Children: Your membership also provides opportunities for your children to participate in various activities, including the TNF Summer Internship, Center for Medical Genetics training, and the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, offering them a chance to learn, grow, and give back.
7. Voting Rights: Life members have voting rights to elect the TNF board of directors, giving you a say in the leadership and direction of our organization.
8. Participation in Leadership: Life members are eligible* to participate in the chapter committees and national board of directors and officers, allowing you to actively contribute to the strategic decisions and initiatives of TNF.

By becoming a TNF member, you become an integral part of a community that is dedicated to creating a brighter future for Tamil Nadu and its people. Join us in making a lasting impact and be a catalyst for positive change!

Become a member today at https://tnfusa.org/membership-form/