Ramanathapuram District
Ramanathapuram District
Ramanathapuram District
Ramanathapuram District
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Ramanathapuram District Project Target

Mann Vaasanai District Corpus Fund Target for Ramanathapuram
$ 250,000.00
With your help we can reach the Phase I Goal of 50 Lakhs soon
INR 50 Lakhs (₹50,00,000) ($70,000)
Amount collected to date: As of January 2023
INR 3,152,779 ($39,409.74)

We have a  very long way to go! 

With your help we can raise at least $5000 by December 2020.

TNF Projects in Ramanathapuram District

Project Name (Funded By) Beneficiary Village/ City Period Amount In INR Rs. Beneficiaries
TNF ABC Project (TNF Memphis Chapter)
Government Higher Secondary School, Uppoor
2019 –
123 Students
Educational Scholarship (Hope3 Foundation)
2 Students
Educational Scholarship (Essvee Foundation)
1 Student
Mr. Mannar Dhandapani
Government Higher Secondary School
2022 -

ABC Project

TNF Memphis Chapter has adopted the Government Higher Secondary School in Uppoor and 123 students from the school benefit from the ABC Classes. 

Ramanathapuram District

Ramanathapuram district was formed in 1910 by joining portions of Madurai and Thirunalveli districts. This district contains the Pamban bridge, the first India’s sea bridge, an east-west chain of low islands and shallow reefs that extend from India and Sri Lanka. Ramanathapuram, also known as “Ramnad” is the headquarters of Ramanathapuram district.

Fisheries, horticulture and agriculture are the contributors for the economy of the district. Fishing villages dot the coastline. 

The Ramanathaswamy temple in Rameswaram is a delight for every tourist. With its magnificent, imposing structure, long corridors, aesthetically carved pillars, the temple is adorned with a towering 38-metre ‘Gopuram’. The temple itself was built by rulers starting in the 12th century with Sethupathy Maravar beginning the construction of the grand Ramanathaswamy temple that boasts of the ‘Third Corridor’, completed by his successor, Maravar.  The corridor is considered to be the longest one in Asia with a 197-metre span from East to West and a 133-metre span from South to North, the third largest in the world!  It is said that Swamy Vivekananda offered prayers at this temple in 1897. 

The 2.2 km. length Pamban bridge connecting the Rameswaram Island and the mainland is the longest bridge in India constructed over a bay.  Similarly the railway SCISSORS bridge connecting the island is noted for its unique opening to pass the ships through the sea. President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Memorial is another tourist attraction in Rameswaram. Erwadi Dargha, the tomb of Sultan Ibrahim Syed Aulia, who came from Arabia via Cannanore about 800 years ago is visited by pilgrims from far off countries like Srilanka, Malaysia and Singapore. Santhanakoodu Festival celebrated in February-March attracts thousands of pilgrims.


With your help TNF can implement these projects in the Government schools in the district:

  1. ABC Classes in government schools to help slow learners and prevent school dropouts.
  2. Scholarships to Underserved Students
  3. Audio Visual Equipment
  4. Library Enhancement