TNF Youth Summer Essay Contest 2024

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TNF Youth Summer Essay Contest 2024

The TNF Youth Committee is happy to announce the 2024 competition featuring a college-essay type format for grade-school students centered on giving back to community.


  • For upcoming grade school children based in the USA 
    • 3 tiers – Upcoming Elementary, Middle, and High school 
    • Tier will be based on your upcoming grade – the grade you will attend after the summer break  (for example, if you just finished 8th grade and are heading to 9th, you will be put in the  high school pool) 
  • No submission fee


  • Double spaced, any legible font (nothing fancy please) 
  • The document should be submitted in PDF format. 
  • Word Count 
    • Upcoming elementary schoolers: 250-500 words
    • Upcoming middle schoolers: max of around 500
    • Upcoming high schoolers: max of around 650
    • Can go over it but not by too much (use your best logic and common sense)


There are two prompts given for each category. Choose one of the prompts from the list under your category.

High School (9-12th Grade)

You are tasked to develop a strategy to continue TNF’s legacy for the next 50 years. What would your strategy be? Reference specific examples from TNF’s work over the past 50 years that support the success of your strategy, and be specific in the steps you would take.

Discuss the role of how youth can engage in volunteering and community service. How can organizations like TNF empower you to make a difference?

Middle School (6-8th Grade)

If you were given $5,000 in funds, and you were required to spend it to help your local community (does not have to be TNF-related), how would you use the money? How do you think this would impact your community in the future?

If you could teach members in your community about any topic that you don’t learn about in school, what would you teach and why?

Elementary School ( 1-5th Grade)

Explain one experience where you helped your community. What impact did this have?

What does a leader do for their community?

Important Dates 

Registration opens: June 3, 2024

Last day for Registration/Submission: August 31, 2024

Results Announcement: September 28, 2024

Individual Feedback will be sent by: November 2, 2024


Submission Process 


  • Parent(s) of the student should register the student to enter the competition using the  registration link at
  • After registration is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to both parent’s email address and the student’s email address (if provided). 


*If you have any questions, please reach out to

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