Tiruvannamalai District
Tiruvannamalai District
Tiruvannamalai District
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Tiruvannamalai Project Target

Mann Vaasanai District Corpus Fund Target for Tiruvannamalai
$ 250,000.00
With your help we can reach the Phase I Goal of 50 Lakhs soon
INR 50 Lakhs (₹50,00,000) ($70,000)
Amount collected to date: As of January 2023
INR 3,068,558 ($38,356.98)

We have a long way to go! 

With your help we can reach the Phase I Goal soon.

TNF Projects in Tiruvannamalai District

Project Name (Funded By) Beneficiary Village/ City Period Amount In INR Rs. Beneficiaries
Construction of Building / Support rendered to Children play equipments (Mr. Sampath Kumar & Mr. C.K. Mohanam)
Covilur Elementary School
2019 -
56 Students
Educational Scholarship (Mr. Manickam & Mrs. Padmavathy)
2019 -
2 Students
Educational Scholarship (Hope3 Foundation)
2019 -
1 Student
Mr.Gynanasabai Muthupalaniappan
Government Higher Secondary School, Vadailuppai, Thiruvannamalai District
2022 -

Tiruvannamalai District

Tiruvannamalai district is the largest of the 38 districts in Tamil Nadu. The town Tiruvannamalai is the district headquarters and it is one of the most venerated places in Tamil Nadu. The Arunachala hill and its environs have been held in great regard by the Tamils for centuries.  In the late Chola period this district was ruled by the Cholan of Sambuvarayar having Padavedu near Arni as headquarters. We can now find the fort and note along with a Shiva temple namely Kailasanathar in Arni town.

Lord Arulmigu Annamalaiyar Temple in Tiruvannamalai is one of the many temples in this district. The temple is grand in conception and architecture and is rich in tradition, history and festivals. The temple is very unique as it is one among the pancha bhoota stalam and sung by saiva kuravargal. It was built before 1100 years and the architecture has contributions from various kingdoms, namely Cholas, Pandias, Sambuvarayars, Vijayanagar kings, Nayaks and Zamindars. The temple has more than 1000 statues and 450 stone inscriptions. The temple’s 100 sannidhis, various idols, bronze statues, paintings, 1000 pillar mahal and towering gopurams amazes any visitor to this temple.

Tiruvannamalai temple celebrates many festivals throughout the year and the important one is Karthigai Deepam in the month of Karthigai full moon day. The maga deepam lighted in the evening can be viewed for many kilometers around the mountain. Lakhs and lakhs of people gather in Tiruvannamalai for maha deepam and go around the mountain for Girivalam which is a spectacular sight. 

Tiruvannamalai District is known for its two major businesses, agriculture and silk saree weaving. Rice cultivation and processing is one of the biggest businesses in this district. There are many rice mills to process paddy found throughout the district.  Kalambur Ponni rice is famous across the state and being shipped to places like Chennai, Coimbatore, Vellore, and the like. The district has a large populace of weavers who are specialized in making Silk sarees. Hand looms are often engaged for weaving, although recently some have turned to mechanized methods of using Power looms. Arani taluk contributes a high percent of Silk weaving. Arani is the most important revenue earning town in the district. 

There are many temples and other tourist attractions in Tiruvannamalai district. To mention a few, the Mamamdur cave temple is one of the biggest cave temples in Tamil Nadu. There are 4 cave temples located in Narasamangalam – Mamandur Village hill and these temples were constructed by the king Magendiravarma  and his successors. Sathanur Dam built in 1956 across the Thenpennai River with the capacity of 119 feet, and the surrounding parks and pleasant atmosphere are enjoyable to the tourist. Sri Ramana Maharshi Ashram located at the foothills of Arunachala is a spiritual center in Tiruvannamalai and is visited by many tourists far and wide who wish to immerse themselves in the knowledge of transcendent Self.

Tiruvannamalai District Gallery


Please donate generously to Tiruvannamalai   District. 

With your help TNF can implement these projects  in the Government schools in the district: 

  1. ABC Classes in schools. 
  2. Audio Visual Equipment 
  3. Library Books
  4. Scholarships  to Underserved Students