Project Guidelines

Project Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • All projects should be charitable in nature supporting the underprivileged primarily in Tamil Nadu except in situations where humanitarian services are required in other parts of India or other countries due to major natural disasters or calamities.
  • Beneficiaries of any project should be wide range of people without any bias towards race, religion, creed or caste.
  • The body that implements the project in Tamil Nadu should be one of the following:
    • TNF Chennai Team
    • Individual in India
    • Organization in India (Not Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA) Approved)
    • Non-profit Trust in India (Not Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA) Approved)
  • Funds will be maintained by TNF Tamil Nadu Chapter and distributed as per agreement and understanding with the recipient. Generally, monies are disbursed on submission of bills, invoices etc. Sometimes payment would be sent directly to vendors, billers and in some instances directly to individuals for their services or as an individual beneficiary.
  • For ongoing projects, the minimum contribution has to be at least $ 5000, which could be paid in two installments over a two-year period depending on the project and its implementation plan.
  • 5% of all donations to TNF are dedicated for immediate needs during natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, pandemic, etc. and for auditing and executing all TNF projects throughout Tamil Nadu.

Project Application

  • Only a TNF USA life member in good standing can sponsor a project.
  • The individual must submit the project application.
    •  NOTES:
    • All Board projects must be initiated only by a board member and has to be approved unanimously by the board.    Any TNF member can suggest a suitable project to the President or a board member.
    • All Chapter projects must be initiated by the chapter chairperson or a committee member after a consensus by the chapter committee.
  • Project applications can be in one of the following categories
    • TNF USA Board Sponsored
    • TNF USA Chapter Sponsored
    • Individual Life Member Sponsored
    • Youth-Intern Project Sponsored by Intern’s Parents
    • Tamil American Youth Making An Impact (TAYMAI) Grant Project Sponsored by Youth’s Parents


The person sponsoring the project is solely responsible for funding the project. However, the sponsor can solicit donation from other people (members as well as non-members) towards this project.  Projects that has not been implemented or funds have not been donated within the first two years of project approval will be closed by TNF USA

  • Project applications submitted on or before the 15th of the month will be reviewed during TNF USA’s board meeting the following month. For example: If project application is received on Feb 11, 2019, then that project application will be reviewed for disposition during TNF USA’s Mar 2019 boarding meeting.
  • If changes are recommended by the TNF USA Board during the review process, then Vice-President of Projects will work with the sponsor to edit the application as needed.
  • Vice-President of Projects (TNF USA) will notify the sponsor the final disposition of TNF USA Board
  • The Board has the right to find facts, verify the authenticity and the credentials of the person who would be in charge of the project.
  • The sponsoring member is responsible for providing follow up report on the project to their donors.
  • The Board reserves the right to periodically inspect, verify and require progress reports about the projects.