Pudukkotai District
Pudukkotai District
Pudukkotai District
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Pudukkotai Project Target

Mann Vaasanai District Corpus Fund Target for Pudukkotai
$ 250,000.00
With your help we can reach the Phase I Goal of 50 Lakhs soon
INR 50 Lakhs (₹50,00,000) ($70,000)
Amount collected to date: As of January 2023
INR 3,110,411 ($38,880.14)

We have a long way to go! 

With your help we can reach the Phase I Goal soon.

TNF Projects in Pudukkotai District

Project Name (Funded By) Beneficiary Village/ City Period Amount In INR Rs. Beneficiaries
Gaja Relief & Rehabilitation - Makeshift Houses - 9 Nos
Cyclone Gaja Victims
9 families
Gaja Relief & Rehabilitation
Cyclone Gaja Victims
Bicycle - 10 Nos
10 families
TNF Dallas Chapter
Government Girls Higher Secondary School
2022 -
SKT Gandhi High School
2022 -

Pudukkotai District

Pudukottai district has a rich heritage with palaces, forts, temples, cave paintings and historical monuments. The district history is ancient with many references in Sangam Tamil literature.  Many small villages are mentioned in Agananuru and Purananuru. It is believed that “ Avvaiyar” lived in the Avayapatti village.A treasure trove of more than 500 Imperial Roman Gold and Silver Coins were found in Karukkakurichi , a short distance from Aranthangi. The coins found  contained the issues of the Roman emperors and their queens, successively from Augustus(BC 29 – AD 14) upto Vaspasianus (69-79 AD). The site of find  marks the district as  an important Indo-Roman trading centre. Roman coins were also found along the eastern sea coast of the district. The Pandyas, Cholas, Pallavas, Hoysalas, Vijaynagar and Madurai Nayaks ruled over this part of the country.

Pudukkottai District comprises marvelous Archaeological sites and rich Cultural Heritage. The heritage buildings, archaeological monuments,  cave temples, paintings in Chithannavasal,  Thirumayam Fort, architecture in Kodumbalur showcase  the culture, life and times of the ancient people.

Agriculture is a major economic activity. 

The literacy rate in Pudukottai district is 77%. Comparatively Kanyakumari and Chennai districts boast a literacy rate of 91.75% and 90.18% respectively.  


TNF Dallas Chapter along with Sastha Tamil Foundation Dallas, and Malarum Maiyam Dallas, is planning to adopt SKT Gandhi High School, Rayavaram and Government Girls Hr. Sec. School, Thirumayam with a four year commitment.

Donate to Pudukottai district! With your help we can adopt more schools and help increase the literacy rate in the district. 

With your generous donations TNF ican implement  the following projects in the Government schools in the district: 

  1. ABC Classes in schools. 
  2. Audio Visual Equipment 
  3. Library Books
  4. Scholarship to Underserved Students