Membership Guidelines

Tamil Nadu Foundation


TNF surpassed the 1,000 mark in our Life Members strength as of December 2017 and we welcome new Life Members interested in giving back to Tamil Nadu and in enabling their children and grandchildren to link with their heritage through service.  To become a Life Member, online application and payment should be completed and a current Life Member in good standing  must sponsor the new applicant(s). If you do not know any current Life Member of TNF please contact TNF President to sponsor your application. The applicant becomes a member up on approval by the Board.

Available Categories after the last amendment (May of 2008) of bylaws

(Annual membership has been eliminated (May of 2008) by the last amendment of bylaws.)

Category 1: Voting membership

  • Individual.
    • Membership fees: $200.00
    • Entitled for one vote in election
  • Family.
    • Membership fees: $300.00
    • Entitled for two votes in election (one for each spouse)


Membership Form


(Membership dues could be paid in installments of $ 100.00 per year while being active in the local chapter. However such a member is not eligible to enjoy all the rights of a regular member until the dues are fully paid as per motion passed by the Board in the meeting of March of 2008.)

(A person who donates $ 5000.00 or above to a Board sponsored project is eligible to be a regular member without the payment of additional membership dues as per motion passed in the Board meeting of July 2008.)

Complete online application form and pay online or mail your check to the address given in the application.