Gaja-Rehabilitation Projects

TNF’s Rehabilitation Projects will focus on three key areas with emphasis on long-lasting positive impact on Cyclone Gaja victims. Our strategy is to make these projects cost effective by utilizing all the government and local resources available and then supplementing with our contribution to ensure quality and sustainability.

1. Building houses for the most needy

The Central and State Government have housing schemes to help Cyclone Gaja victims. The schemes require the beneficiary to pay a nominal amount (about Rs. 40,000). The most needy, living in devastated huts and working as agricultural laborers, are unable to pay this amount. They end up walking away from taking advantage of the government programs and are likely to continue living in their huts. Your generosity will help pay for that nominal amount and relocate such families from huts to concrete homes – a change that will impact those families for generations to come!

TNF is in discussion with the Government to help build a certain number of houses in each of the affected districts.

View pictures of new houses built under this scheme.

2. Repairing Schools

TNF has received requests from several government schools impacted by Cyclone Gaja. Some of these are TNF partners schools in the TNF-ABC education initiative. We will focus only on government and government-aided schools as that is where the underprivileged children go to school. Once the government announces which schools will get repaired, we will focus on the ones not getting any support from the government or other NGOs.

3. Women Empowerment
Our plan is to utilize Government of India’s Job Scheme to train rural women with tailoring skills and link them with garment export companies who are willing to establish their presence in the cyclone affected areas.

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