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Character: We believe that good character is the key to a successful, peaceful and happy life. By instilling good values in the
children from an early age, we hope to not only make a difference in the lives of the children at Kanavagam, but to also make a
difference in society as a whole.

In addition to these three core pillars, we also provide the children with the love and care of a foster mother. These foster mothers
are women who will dedicate their lives to these children, and they selected and trained carefully. Every 5 children have foster
mother, which takes care of their needs.

Kanavagam is a 100% transparent organization compliant with all the local, regional and state regulations. At Kanavagam we
believe that it is our duty to provide these orphaned kids who have lost everything with the same family, stability and love all
children deserve to grow up with. Our goal is to break the cycle of corrupt and substandard orphanages in India by creating a new
model for orphanages – a model that provides the highest level of care, education, health and support. Our dream is to make their
dreams come true!!