Kovalam Village Project

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Kovalam Village Project

Over the years, Kovalam Village with its natural beautiful beaches and bays has been a major center of attraction for tourists on ECR.Today, it is home to 23,000 people who suffer from inadequate infrastructure and lack of basic amenities such as clean drinking water and prompt garbage disposal.Local social work organizations have worked on the sanitation problems in the village to the best of their ability, including constructing latrines and providing drainage. There is still much to be done.

A model for village sanitation and hygiene: Kovalam Village Project

Garbage disposal has been a huge problem in Kovalam as the local panchayat has only one very old operational tractor & trolley for garbage collection and disposal. This tractor is also constantly breaking down, causing the garbage to accumulate , which in turn leads to health issues, as has been documented over the past year. As is often the case, those most affected are the children.

The local social work organizations have determined that the first priority is to acquire a tractor to fulfill the function of garbage disposal.

This requires an outlay of about INR 7,00,000. Some of the funds have been collected locally, and the remainder necessary for this Kovalam village project will be collected via TNF. We believe that the village and its leadership serve as a model for other such projects, especially in their efforts around hygiene.

TNF, after much research, has determined that this is a worthy cause meriting its listing as a project. This project is currently live and accepting donations.